pyam: a Python toolkit for Integrated Assessment Modeling

Overview and scope

The pyam-analysis package provides a range of diagnostic tools and functions for analyzing and working with IAMC-format timeseries data.

  • Summary of models, scenarios, variables, and regions included in a snapshot.
  • Display of timeseries data as pandas.DataFrame with IAMC-specific filtering options.
  • Simple visualization and plotting functions.
  • Diagnostic checks for non-reported variables or timeseries data to identify outliers and potential reporting issues.
  • Categorization of scenarios according to timeseries data or meta-identifiers for further analysis.

The package can be used with data that follows the data template convention of the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (IAMC). An illustrative example is shown below; see for more information.

model scenario region variable unit 2005 2010 2015
MESSAGE V.4 AMPERE3-Base World Primary Energy EJ/y 454.5 479.6 ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

pyam documentation

See this guide for guidelines on NumPy/SciPy Documentation conventions.