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Open Source Energy System Modeling


This lecture introduces several open-source frameworks for modelling the energy system and assessing the transition to renewable sources in the context of climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

We discuss the role of quantitative, model-based pathways in international and national climate mitigation policy, in particular the reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the students will learn how to develop scenarios of the energy transition using open-source tools and readily available data.

TU Vienna - summer semester 2020 (370.062)

Link to the lecture page on TISS.

Lecture 1:

Principles of open, collaborative scientific programming for energy modelling

Lecture 2:

A hands-on example of working with git

The repository created as part of the hands-on exercise is available at https://github.com/danielhuppmann/lecture_spring_2020.

Lecture 3:

Integrated assessment of climate change and sustainable development

Lecture 4:

Developing your own energy system scenarios using the MESSAGEix framework

Read the docs of MESSAGEix at https://message.iiasa.ac.at

Lecture 5:

Next steps

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